"My Other Ride" Decal


  • Brand: Desert Fanatics
  • Availability: In Stock

We've all been there... driving down the road sippin on that Big Gulp and next thing you know, BAM there's a prerunner next to you. You check it out and think they're probably admiring yours as well. Then you realize you're driving the beater. The ol' hoopty. The soccer mom van... Next thing you know they're gone and you wish you could just stop them and explain, but you can't. Now, there's some hope. Slap this baby on the back window and when they come flyin by they'll notice a fellow 'aficionado of the dirt' is among them, and they'll understand.

High quality outdoor vinyl perfect for vehicles or just plain sticker slappin.
11" Wide by 1 3/4" Tall

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