Flag Run FAQs

2023 Flag Run FAQ’s (updated 10/23/2023)


Q: When/where is the Flag Run held this year?

A: Saturday November 4th, 2023 at Desert Diamond Arena (Blue Lot)


Q: What time should I be there to register?

A: 6:30-7:30am


Q: What time does the flag run start?

A: 8:15am


Q:What is the cost to enter?

A: $5 registration-includes one(1) raffle ticket and sticker. Please use small bills for this as we run out quickly when large bills are given.


Q: How much is each raffle ticket?

A: Tickets are $5 each.


Q: Can I pay for raffle tickets with a card or apps?

A: Yes!


Q:Is there a discount if I buy a large amount of raffle tickets?

A: No. The goal for the day is to raise as much money as possible for the charity.


Q:Can I buy raffle tickets before the run?

A: No. Raffle tickets can be purchased after the run. The focus before the run is getting everyone registered and ready for the run.


Q:Can I donate, but not get raffle tickets?

A: Of course! You can donate directly to the charity booth.


Q: Do I have to be present for the raffle to win?

A: YES. If you are not present, we will draw another ticket.


Q:Can one(1) person win multiple raffle items?

A: Yes. The more raffle tickets you buy, the more of a chance you have to win multiple items. Tickets do not need to go all in one spot unless that’s all you’re going for. 


Q:What time does the raffle start?

A: 1:30pm but sometimes starts earlier


Q: What is the route this year?

A: The route has been taken off the freeway and onto the local roads. The map has been posted at desertfanatics.com/flagrun


Q:Can we drive by the VA Hospital?

A: No. Unfortunately, that will be far off the route we are going to take.


Q: Is this a political event?

A: NO! This is strictly for supporting our veterans. This is a non-biased event.


Q:What brand of flag do you recommend?

A: Annin Tough Tex is our go-to. You can get them at Lowes and Amazon. There is a link on desertfanatics.com/flagrun


Q:What types of flags can I put on my vehicle?

A: American Flag, POW, State, Branch/Unit, DoD, Gadsden flags. If we see any other flags, we will ask you to take them down to preserve intentions of the event. We’re honoring Veterans as a whole, not politicians or parties.


Q:How do I mount my flag(s)?

A: See the graphic for proper flag display on desertfanatics.com/flagrun


Q:Where can I get a hitch mount?

A: There are various companies online who offer them, but your best option is to post in the Facebook event that you’re looking for a mount and you’ll quickly receive a response from someone local.


Q:What type of vehicle can I use in the flag run?

A: Anything street legal and can mount the American Flag on.


Q: Is there a police escort?

A: There is a licensed escort this year, Sports Car Escorts 


Q:Is there radio communication?

A: We do have radio communication to use amongst ourselves. If you want to use your own with your group, that will always be welcome.


Q:What is the speed we are going during the run?

A: The speed limit or lower. PLEASE no speeding or showing off.


Q:Can I enter multiple vehicles in the run?

A: Of course! The more, the better! As long as someone is driving them.


Q: What if a veteran doesn’t drive/have a vehicle and wants to participate in the run?

A: Please direct them to one of us and we will gladly find a seat for them. We have an amazing community that would be honored to give them a ride.


Q: Is there parking for trucks with trailers?

A: Yes! The lot directly NE of Blue lot, “Lot J” has been designated for trailer parking.


Q:What is the charity this year?

A: Drop Zone Foundation


Q: How do you pick the charity? Can I give suggestions?

A: We tend to pick charities who we have seen create a positive impact on our local community. Suggestions are always welcome


Q: How do I register for the UTV Show and Shine?

A: Check the link at desertfanatics.com/flagrun


Q: What are the details for the UTV Show and Shine?

A: All information is at desertfanatics.com/flagrun


Q:What comes with winning the group contest?

A: The winning group will get their own group stickers, get their logo on the t-shirt, have their own area to park and be at the front of the group during the run. The top 3 groups this year will also be receiving raffle tickets based on their respective amounts raised.


Q:How do I become a vendor? Is there a fee?

A:Go to desertfanatics.com/flagrun. There is a link to a form to submit. The fee is $150.

Charities and Level 2 sponsors are not required to pay a fee.


Q: When do vendors need to set up?

A: Vendors will receive an email with more information


Q:What food/drink vendors are there going to be?

A: This year’s food vendor is Blue Saguaro BBQ


Q:Can I bring a grill to cook lunch?

A:While we won’t ask you to stop, we do ask that you refrain from cooking your own food. We work hard to get the vendors we have and would like to get more. If you want more vendors, spend money with them so they come back and tell their friends. If you have a food/drink vendor in mind, let us know. Better yet, if you know the vendor, have them reach out!


Q: Can a veteran charity become a vendor?

A: YES! We welcome any veteran charity to come spread the word of their cause. The vendor fee will be waived.


Q: What is the best contact method to reach you?

A: You can reach us at kyle@desertfanatics.com, jeremy@desertfanatics.com and greg@desertfanatics.com


Q:Who is doing the videography for the flag run this year?

A: At this time no videographers have volunteered


Q:Is there anything for the kids?

A: Yes! MyersAZ Rental will have a bounce castle again this year and we’re working on having additional entertainment such as cornhole and plinko with prizes.


Q:Can I help set up for the flag run? Is there anything I can help with?

A: While we do have a wonderful crew who helps us throughout the day, we are always looking for more assistance with sponsorships and other resources. Just shoot us an email with information on how you are able to assist us.


Q:Is there going to be live music?

A: YES! The talented Jason DeVore will be performing a live acoustic set for us when you return from the run. You may know him from the band Authority Zero. 


Q:Is there media coverage?

A: We’ve had a couple of articles written after the run, but haven’t had any live coverage. That being said, if you have connections, please reach out to them.


Q: Is there a way to sponsor the event?

A: We have a sponsor sheet and donation link at desertfanatics.com/flagrun but you may always email us as well.


Q: Can I buy DF merch with a card?

A: The DF Booth accepts cash and cards.


Q: If you don’t have my size, how can I order one?

A: If we don’t have your size in stock, send us an email and we’ll notify you when or if they will be restocked.


Q: What sizes come in the event t-shirts?

A: This year we have XS-5XL. The 4XL and 5XL have a slightly different color than the rest due to having to source another brand.


Q:Can I bring my dog?

A: Of course! Please keep in mind, it can be hot and there are times where there are loud noises with crowds.


Q: Are there bathrooms available?

A: There will be porta-johns available with wash stations.


Q:Do you honor veterans during the event?

A: Yes, the mayor of Glendale will be honoring a Veteran who recently returned home in the morning before the run


Q:Why do you do this?

A: To help raise funds for local charities so they can support and help veterans cope with life during/after their service.


Q: Can you get Luke AFB to do a fly-over during the National Anthem?

A: If you know someone that can do that, we would welcome it. Keep in mind, we are a charity and do not have the funds for that.